To provide our students with a safe, dynamic and diverse nature-based learning environment.

To encourage creativity, curiosity, critical thinking and imagination.

To help each child develop a bond with themselves and the world around them.

A young child learns experientially, by observing the people around and exploring their immediate environment. What we do is enrich that world in a scientific, artistic and emotional manner, in order to introduce the child to new stimuli and concepts. This fosters a healthy relationship with education, and instill a life-long love for learning and the ability to adapt to change with ease and intelligence.


We are inspired by the Forest School model, which is popular in Europe and the UK, and believes that children learn better outdoors.

Why does proximity to nature matter so much?

Young children are curious about and interested in the world around them. Babies use all of their senses in exploring and learning about the world around them. You can see your young child eager to taste, smell and touch everything! However, in our increasingly digitized lives, children are more stimulated by electronic gadgets and increasingly use only two senses – sight and sound.

At Elements, we encourage your child to spend more time in the magical world of extraordinary intellectual, emotional and physical growth. We believe that exploring, discovering, describing, and interacting are essential for learning, and building strong, meaningful social relationships.

Drawing inspiration from nature, we offer an environment rich in artful materials and experiences. Staying aware that children’s brains are like sponges and incredibly receptive, our goal is to stretch their minds. We do this via outdoor play, natural materials, art, music, movement, dance and yoga, cooking and drama. We also grow our own vegetables, and cook with them, introducing children to the farm-to-table philosophy, as also to newer tastes and cuisines.

Founder’s note

Growing up in a large household in rural India, I lived with generations of my family, and was bound to my inner and outer world organically. My siblings, cousins and I played outdoors, at one with nature, climbing trees and watching the seasons change. Our meals were all farm to table, though we did not know of the term then. We understood that each generation – from our grandparents, to aunts, uncles and parents, and younger children – had different needs and expectations from one another.

My career and life have taken me all over the world, and I carried these lessons within myself, never fully appreciating their value, until my little daughter came into my life.

As a new mother, I began to think about what I wanted my child to know, understand, absorb and learn from the people and the world around her. We all lead busy, fairly cloistered lives in large cities, across the world. There is little sense of community, and even less of a sense of oneness with nature. A quick daily trip to a green patch, or a weekend spent in the country might be the most that our children see of the magnificent natural world. They don’t know where their food comes from, or how the seasons change, or how our environment impacts our lives, in small and big ways.

I wanted to give my daughter a chance to understand herself, her community and the world in the manner that I did, growing up. And that is why I founded Elements Preschool.

Our philosophy, which is inspired by the Forest School System, believes in connecting children to themselves, nature and the community around them. This sense of connection leads to the development of important social, emotional and thinking skills. It builds empathy, compassion, courage, instinct, and the ability to evaluate a situation, before deciding how to respond to it. It encourages children to think of those around them, and share, with love.

At Elements, we are creating a community of children who learn by doing, and who understand themselves and their world better. It matters deeply to me that our children stay connected to themselves, the community and nature. They are our future, and it is our responsibility to help them create a kinder, brighter world.

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