Philosophy & Mission

Elements, the Nature Preschool offers open air outdoor classrooms in a dynamic environment filled with natural invitations for both experiential learning and play. Elements harvests the essential connection between the body and mind, cultivating endless habitat-driven provocations for creativity, imagination, teamwork, and joy.

Elements prioritizes each child’s relationships with the outside world and makes space for the intrinsic motivation to grow with kindness in all directions. Elements believes in the ethical and social responsibilities of care taking that extend into environmental consciousness and social equity. Elements stations their philosophy in the meaningful abundance, and individuality, that develops a diverse and inclusive community. Elements strives to instill the connectedness and influence we have, as people on this Earth,  toward the betterment of our world for all living things. We do this by recognizing our independence within the strength of joint effort, and through an adventure rich environment that proposes risk taking in appropriate ways. Our ever changing environment, whether from the inspirations of the children or the changing seasons, guides children to channel adaptability and flexibility with oneself, routine, friendship, turn taking, and patience. By offering leadership opportunities, including gardening responsibilities, freedom within intentional stations, and interage play, Elements crafts moments for communication in real and lasting ways. Children build the interpersonal relationships and skills necessary to consider their own emotional needs in partnership with the emotional needs of their community.  By being active participants in their own learning, and with the careful observation and documentation of our educators, children form an authentic ownership and competency over life-long learning in all domains of social and academic development, that is both true and honest in design and process.